Session on Blockchain


The blockchain vehicle is often overshadowed by its more infamous rider, the cryptocurrency. However, while the likes of bitcoin wax and wane to the delight of opportunists, blockchain are steadily and quietly setting up a robust platform which very soon will disrupt the way humans deal with each other.  Its claim to fame is threefold; sheer transparency assured authenticity and a welcome absence of intermediaries! The blockchain’s potential reaches far beyond cryptocurrency. Its ledgers can include land titles, loans, identities, logistics, and more to bring transparency to any multi-party transaction. In India, the entry barrier to use of blockchain is high but mostly self-created.  Companies are hesitant, out of sheer ignorance and due to the halo of illegality that surrounds ‘bitcoin plus blockchain’ combination. Hence, for blockchain to gain prominence, there is an urgent need to de-mystify the concept, then showcase its virtues as a standalone platform for businesses to absorb it.

The Indian School of Business intends to conduct a series of workshops/roundtables to popularize the use of blockchain in businesses, with special emphasis on their usage in manufacturing ecosystem. The impact desired is the widespread usage of blockchain by shedding inhibitions and to bring in a system of efficiency that is faster than sailed technologies like customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and warehouse management systems. These workshops will be supported by articles, blogs, papers that espouse the strong benefits of adopting this technology.
First event in the series is Curtain Raiser to be held on January 18 2018 at 91 Springboard, Sector 18, Gurugram

Who Should Participate
The blockchain technology is beneficial to every business. It would be of use to those in Retail/E-commerce (customer loyalty), manufacturing (smart contracts), banking (instantaneous seamless transfers) and healthcare (patient screening). The small businesses too can gain immensely as blockchain will enable them to take control of their credit cycles and enforce honoring of contracts by larger companies. 
These workshops will also be of much use to ‘early adaptors’ who wish to be thought leaders in the domain.