2nd National Symposium on Agriculture 2020

About the Symposium
The Bharti Institute of Public Policy (BIPP), Indian School of Business (ISB) will host the 2nd National Symposium on Agriculture on January 17, 2020 at India International Centre, New Delhi.
This symposium will deliberate on whether crop diversification can secure a sustainable future for India, and how shifting the focus of agricultural production away from rice and wheat towards coarse cereals (like millet, sorghum etc) can immune us from climate change, malnutrition and water crisis.
Sustainable food systems aim to provide sufficient and nutritious food while maximizing climate resilience and minimizing resource demands and negative environmental impacts. Historical practices, notably the Green Revolution, prioritized the single objective to maximize production over other nutritional and environmental dimensions. National and state-level strategies that consider multiple objectives in decisions about agricultural production can move beyond many of the shortcomings of the Green Revolution while reinforcing the benefits. This ability to realistically incorporate multiple dimensions into intervention planning and implementation is the crux of sustainable food production systems worldwide.
It will also focus on the role of agriculture in contributing to solving problems rather than looking at agriculture as a problem to be solved.