The Master Teacher Programme 2016


The ISB Master Teacher Programme trains participants in the art and science of effective teaching and classroom management, by using powerful student-centered, active-learning approaches to teaching. The programme is taught by award-winning faculty from Ivey Business School-Western University, Stockholm School of Economics, and the Indian School of Business (ISB).

The programme provides training in innovative technologies and tools for managing interactive classes-be it traditional classes or classes blended with online content. Participants graduate with an understanding of what it takes to design a compelling learning experience for students, learn about the methods used by award winning teachers, and appreciate the relevance of student learning styles. Further, participants are also guided in the case writing process, and given the opportunity to author cases that will be published and made available through Harvard Publishing or Ivey Publishing.  

Programme Benefits

The ISB Master Teacher Programme is designed to help participants excel in teaching and teaching-related activities.  As a participant, your key takeaways would include the following:
  1. The Methods of Master Teachers
    You will learn the ten methods used by master teachers. These are tried and tested pedagogical methods, used by award-winning teachers, and backed by research on learning. In addition, you will pick up various student-centred “active learning” methods and classroom techniques for student engagement and interaction.  
  2. Case Writing and Case Teaching
    The programme will expose you to the art of managing high-impact case discussions in the classrooms. With specific steps and guidelines, you will learn the craft of writing a publishable case. Moreover, you will be offered the opportunity to co-author a case with experienced faculty and have it published and distributed through Harvard Publishing or Ivey Publishing.
  3. Effective Course Design and Delivery
    During the programme, you will be familiarised with the learning styles of students. Armed with this understanding, you will learn the different approaches to effective course design that addresses diverse student learning styles.  In the process, you will gain an appreciation for balancing instruction formats to maximize student learning.
  4. Assessment of Teachers, Students, and Programmes
    You will gain insights into the design and implementation of assessment processes for continuous improvement of programmes, teachers, and students, similar to Assurance of Learning systems expected in global accreditations. 
  5. Interactive Technology for the Classroom
    You will receive tutorials on innovative interactive technology for pre-class and in-class student engagement and active, participant-centred learning.

Specific outcomes from the programme include: (a) create your own teaching video clip, (b) embed questions inside video clips or documents that track student responses in real time, (c) learn to involve, engage, and track students in class, (d) design your course for diverse student learning styles, and  (e)
complete a case outline.