Module 1: Foundation topics
Fundamentals of learning, Pedagogy, and Classroom management
August 27-30, 2015
Thursday, August 27
The Foundations of Effective Learning
Friday, August 28
10 Methods of Master Teachers
Implementing the Active Learning Framework
Classroom Techniques for Active Learning

Practicum:  Technology Tutorial  for the Engaged Classroom
Saturday, August 29
The Art and Craft of Case Teaching and Case Writing
Managing a Case Discussion
Guidelines to Write a Traditional Case
Sunday, August 30
The Role and Value of Short Cases
Managing the Short Case Discussion
Guidelines to Write a Short Case
Assignment for Participants:
Work on Case draft, Mini-Case draft, or Flip Clip
Module 2: Advanced  topics
Teaching practicum, content creation, and course design
September 25-27, 2015
Friday, September 25
Managing Assessment: Students, Teachers, and Programmes
Review of Participant's Case/Mini-Case/Flip Clip in Progress

Completing the Case: From Proposal to Publication
Review of Participants’ Cases in Progress

Practicum:  Cases and Video Clips
Saturday, September 26
Teaching for Diverse Learning Styles
Course Design to Address Learning Styles

Practicum:  Completing your Course Design
Sunday, September 27
AACSB Accreditation Standards for Faculty/Courses
Managing an Assurance of Learning (AOL) programme
Designing Learning Goals, Learning Objectives, and Rubrics
Module 3: Webinar based coaching
October - DecemberWebinars for:
(a) Assurance of Learning.
(b) Case writing