About Conclave

The contours of the global economy are being redrawn – the makings of a slowdown in the United States of America, a Europe that is limping in the aftermath of the Greece bailout, the Chinese meltdown and a simmering Arab region, have led to global economic uncertainty. However, the emerging markets, led by India, perhaps hold out a glimmer of hope amidst these makings of gloom. Notwithstanding short term blips like a bad monsoon and stock market woes, the Indian economy still seems to be on a strong long term growth path with its strong fundamentals. However, if the economy is to take wings, the country will have to address some fundamental issues in public policy, healthcare, manufacturing and infrastructure. While there are ambitious plans and initiatives for all these sectors, the NDA administration will have to address some serious issues through enabling policies.

For instance, while rapid urbanisation is expected to drive economic growth, concomitant issues like overcrowding of cities and shortage of basic amenities will be common. Likewise, while the manufacturing sector seems set for interesting times thanks to initiatives such as Make in India, much will also depend on how investments into the sector are attracted and deployed. In the same manner while the healthcare sector comprising health service delivery, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health information and other technology, as also health insurance, is projected to grow at a healthy rate on the strength of a growing middle class and better status of the rural poor; government allocations for the sector have been modest. Over 70% of all spend is still private and the government struggles to manage its current system.

The ISB National Conclave will identify these and other issues to discuss the need for capacity building in each of these sectors at panel discussions comprising, academicians, senior policy makers and industry experts.