Frequently Asked Questions

About the Fellowship
  1. What is the exact duration of the Fellowship?
    The Fellowship starts from the middle of June every year and concludes in the following April.
  2. I am looking for an internship. Is the Fellowship suitable for me?
    This Fellowship is not an internship. Fellows are expected to work as full-time professionals.
  3. As ISB-Mint Fellow, can I pursue any other professional or academic engagement?
    Fellows are expected to commit to a full-time engagement with the Fellowship. The Fellows cannot pursue any additional academic or professional assignments during their engagement.
  4. What is the average number of working hours I need to put in?
    The role of ISB-Mint Fellow requires full-time commitment (40hours/week).  As part of the fellowship, you will be assigned to a RCI (Research Centre/Institute) based on your area of interest.  RCI directors will assign work based on the Centre needs.  The work of each ISB-Mint Fellow will therefore differ, depending on the work and requirements of their respective RCIs.
  5. Will I receive any training?
    Good communication skills are a prerequisite for applying for this Fellowship. ISB in partnership with Mint will provide extensive training for conducting interviews, digital media and marketing, information sources and research tools, case writing and other writing skills. Attendance is mandatory for all the training sessions.
  6. What opportunities are available to me after the Fellowship?
    Through this ISB-Mint Fellowship you will get a deep exposure to a specific industry, get to connect with industry leaders and gain insights into opportunities and challenges within that industry sector. Hence, after completion of this fellowship, you can pursue a career in the corporate sector or journalism, chart your own entrepreneurial journey or continue to pursue higher education.
Selection Process
  1. What are the application dates for the fellowship?
    Applications for Fellowship 2018-19 are now open. Last date for submission of applications is February 28, 2018.
  2. What is the selection process?
    The selection process for ISB-Mint Fellowship is highly competitive and is open to both national and international graduates. Application process starts with filling up an online form regarding your academic and professional experience along with a short essay. Shortlisted candidates will have to appear for an online exam followed by a phone interview. Finalists will be requested to furnish a recommendation letter before admission.
  3. What are the criteria for selection of ISB-Mint Fellows?
    We are looking for bright, self-motivated aspiring individuals who are interested in research and writing.  We encourage candidates from diverse academic backgrounds with bachelor's or master’s degrees in engineering, law, economics, sciences, liberal arts, and commerce to apply.  Candidates must have completed at least a bachelor’s degree before starting the Fellowship.
  4. Is work experience required to be selected as ISB-Mint Fellow?
    Work experience is not a must but some exposure to working in a professional environment is a plus.
Roles and Responsibilities of the ISB-Mint Fellow
  1. What is the nature of tasks I am expected to perform as ISB-Mint Fellow?
    The ISB-Mint Fellow will spend 6 months at ISB and 6 months at Mint.  The primary role of the ISB-Mint Fellow at ISB is to work with Research Centres and Institutes at ISB to help with writing white papers, industry reports, linking research with current business context and dissemination of research through various popular media channels.The Mint module would cover journalistic work including researching, reporting, writing, rewriting as well as production of the newspaper. Mint will create a work schedule whereby the fellows are exposed to the full cycle of a newspaper’s production.
  2. Which RCI will I be working with?
    Based on the requirements of the RCI and your industry/area of interest, you will be assigned to a faculty/Director affiliated with an RCI.
  3. I currently do not have domain knowledge. How can I be most effective as ISB-Mint Fellow?
    ISB has a vast library of resources that can be accessed both online and offline.  In addition, Mint will give access to their repository of current and past publications.  These resources will help you build an understanding of the domain and based on your specific project assignment, faculty/research supervisor will be able to guide you further. Last, most RCIs conduct workshops and conferences with industry and academia.  These events are a good source of gaining domain knowledge and interacting with thought leaders in a particular segment.
  4. When would I work with either organisation - ISB or Mint?
    The ISB-Mint Fellows will split their time 50-50 between the two institutions for the period of the internship.  There will be a joint training session for the first week for all the ISB-Mint Fellows. After the training, ISB-Mint Fellows will be split between the two institutions, with half of them starting their internship at Mint while the other half at ISB. Mid-way through the internship period, the ISB-Mint Fellows will be swapped between the two institutions.
Fellowship Logistics
  1. Will I receive a stipend during the Fellowship?
    Yes, you will receive a monthly stipend of INR 30K.  In addition any travel expense related to work will be reimbursed at cost.
  2. Will I have office space?
    Yes, you will have office space either at ISB’s Hyderabad or Mohali campus depending on which RCI/faculty you will be working with.  Mint will similarly provide some working space.
  3. Will I have access to any office equipment I would need to complete my tasks?
    Fellows are expected to bring their own laptops.  ISB/Mint will provide access to internet and other services on a need basis.
  4. Will I be required to travel for work?
    Fellows might be required to travel for work, especially if they need to interview a corporate executive who is based in a different city.  Prior approval from RCI/Mint needs to be obtained before the travel.
  5. Who will I report to about the tasks I have completed?
    You will be directly working with an RCI at ISB. They will assign a faculty or staff member who you will have to report to on an ongoing basis. Mint will assign a supervisor for your reporting.
  6. Will any facilities for accommodation be provided to me under this Fellowship?
    There are no residential facilities available at ISB or Mint.