Overall Winner - 1st PlaceUS $ 3000
Overall Winner - 2nd PlaceUS $ 2000
Category WinnersUS $ 1000 each
Note: Participants from Indian B-schools will be paid in Indian Rupees at the US$ conversion rate prevailing on August 25, 2018 (date of announcement of results).
Authors of all the cases that meet the competition’s participation criteria will be provided with detailed feedback on their cases.

Winning Cases
  • Details of winning cases will be published on the website of the ISB’s Centre for Learning and Management Practice and on the Ivey Publishing website.
  • Winning cases will be professionally copy edited prior to publishing.
Cases Shortlisted for Publishing
  • Post-competition, certain cases will be shortlisted for mentoring and publishing at the exclusive discretion of the judges of the competition.
  • These cases will be recognised as “Honourable Mentions” and their details will be published on the websites of the ISB’s Centre for Learning and Management Practice and Ivey Publishing.
  • Authors of these cases will receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Mentoring will include ISB/ Ivey faculty expertise and editorial support to bring the selected cases to a stage where they are ready for publication. Cases that meet ISB-Ivey standards will be subject to final review and editing by Ivey Publishing, and only then will they be accepted for publishing.

All winning and shortlisted cases will be published by Ivey Publishing, as co-branded ISB-Ivey cases, and will be distributed by Ivey Publishing.

Copyright & Royalty
IMPORTANT: All winning and shortlisted case authors will be required to assign copyright ownership as well as exclusive publishing rights to Ivey Publishing.
  • Ivey Publishing will hold the copyright for all winning cases after publication.
  • Should a case be shortlisted for publishing as a co-branded ISB-Ivey case after the competition, Ivey Publishing will hold the copyright to that published case.
  • Faculty authors will receive a 15 percent royalty for all external sales of the published case.
  • The copyright for cases that are not selected for publication will be held by the authors and not by the ISB or Ivey.
Category prizes will be awarded to cases that address specific, designated topics within the focus areas described below. (For a complete list of Case Categories, please see Participation form.)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Family Business
  • Innovation
  • Government/PSUs/PPP
  • Health Care
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology

IMPORTANT: Cases evaluated for any of the category prizes are also eligible for the overall winner prize. However, if a winning case in a category emerges as the overall winner, it will not be eligible for both prizes. That case will be declared the overall winner and the next best case within that category will be declared the winner for that category.