Private sector participation in the Indian defence sector has gained ground over the last few years.  While large scale private enterprises have announced strong entry and expansion plans in the sector, the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise(SME) segment in India would need greater handholding to create a strong supply base in the country and support the government’s defence indigenisation plans. While the panel discussions scheduled during the initial days of the seminar are aimed at uncovering strategic aspects associated with doing business inthe Indian Aerospace & Defence (A&D) sector, the workshop scheduled on the following day builds further on these deliberations and focuses on understanding the operational implications or on-ground realities relevant to SMEs.

The workshop is aimed at de-mystifying the sector for SMEs by deriving learnings through sessions led by key ecosystem participants including policy makers, academic experts, market players and defence strategy consultants. With the help of relevant case examples, activity sessions and peer discussions, the workshop will enable attendees to understand aspects associated with building a credible business in the years to come. Each session is aligned to walk the attendees through different decision points in a company’s growth journey. Understanding the ecosystem and opportunities going forward marks the initial step, as it impacts a company’s decision to enter or increase focus on the sector. The next step is to discuss various Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies being adopted by industry players and understand the one best suited to a company’s DNA. The third session is aimed at preparing the attendees for non-linear growth and discussing skills required to succeed in this market, and the final step in this journey will be to highlight options before SMEs to finance growth and discuss developments that could reduce the risk burden for participants.