Workshop Agenda 28 Nov 2015

Workshop: A Consultant’s Guide To Make In India For Defence

28 Nov 2015

Session 1
:  10:30 To 11:30

Story Telling: Understanding And Leveraging The Environment And Ecosystem To Manufacture For Defence
The Session Will Focus On Highlighting Various Nuances Associated With Defence Manufacturing In India. Being The Introductory Session, It Aims To Bring All Attendees On Common Ground With Respect To Understanding The Defence Ecosystem, Before Deep-Diving In The Follow-Up Sessions. Broad Areas To Be Covered Include:

1.    Quantum Of Opportunity: Expected Trends In Overall Defence Spending In India
2.    Opportunities Across Major Defence Platforms: Land, Sea And Air
3.    Role Of Key Stakeholders In The Ecosystem: Government Departments, Research Institutions, Public And Private Sector Units
4.    Defence Procurement Procedures And Policies
 Tea: 11:30 To 12:00
Session 2: 12:00 To  13:00

Lecture: Tips To Commercialise Your Products/Innovations In Defence Sector
Building Up From The Panel Discussion On Day 1, The Workshop Session Will Discuss Specific Go-To-Market (Gtm) Strategies Adopted By Defence Sector Players In India, Across Platforms And Value-Chain Positions. With The Help Of Case Examples, The Session Will Feature Learnings From Different Models Being Followed By Market Players For Product Development And Commercialization. Key Gtm Strategies Relevant To The Sector Include:

1.    Going-At-It-Alone
2.    Participating In Developmental Programmes With Defence Labs
3.    Partnering With Dpsus For Know-How And Credentials
4.    Entering Into Foreign Collaborations
Lunch: 13:00 To 14:00
Session 3: 14:00 To 16:00

Peer Learning: Frameworks And Case Studies For Defence Production; Lessons In Finance, Technology, Marketing And Overcoming Bureaucratic Hurdles
Understanding The Tenets Of Business Building And Growth Strategy Will Be Crucial For Players In Highly Regulated And Capital-Intensive Sectors Such As Aerospace &Defence. Drawing Lessons From Pwc Strategy&’S Extensive Experience with Leading Private And Public Sector Clients In India, The Session Will Focus On Highlighting Skills Required By SMEs To Articulate And Action Their Individual Roadmaps For Growth In The Coming Years. The Session Will Help In Answering Two Broad Questions Governing Business Growth:

1.    Where To Play: Articulating Growth Ambition, Identifying Addressable Markets And Target Customers By Evaluating Ones‘Right To Play’ And ‘Right To Win’ In The Market
2.    How To Win: Identifying Entry Barriers, Mitigating External/Internal Risks And Articulating Capabilities And Business Shifts Required For Market Success
Tea: 16:00 To 16:30
Session 4: 16:30 – 17:30

Live Case Study : Innovative Models For Collective Approach To Defence Production
The Session Will Discussinnovative Approaches Being Adopted In The Indian Market To Overcome Policy Barriers, Financial Constraints And Other Growth Impediments Associated With The A&D Sector. An Important Example Is The Cluster Approach Being Adopted By Market Players To Explore Synergies And Address Supply Chain And Financing Challenges. Aspects Like Crowd Funding, National Stock Exchange And Similar Instruments Will Be Discussed.
Dispersal: 17:30