Energising India's Defence Industrial Base
Considering the new initiatives taken by the government, it is an opportune moment for the defence industry to evolve and achieve world class manufacturing capability. Public Private Partnerships in defence production and defence offsets can provide jobs, technology and skill development for all. It can lead to creation of a network of ancillary industries that can be the part of a global supply chain. Some fundamental questions that need addressing are as under:
  • How can Indian Industry become strategic partner to the government for defence production?
  • How can Indian MSMEs  be incentivized to invest in R&D in defence sector?
  • What changes are required in the Defence Procurement Policy to enable Indian industry to freely compete with OEMs and PSUs?
  • How can ‘Make in India’ policy be a facilitator to defence production? How can Aerospace and Defence SEZs become the vehicle for defence production?
  • What should be the Defence Export Policy and should it be weighed down by moral issues?