Rules and Regulations

Can I Participate?
We are looking for people who are passionate about creating social change through sustainable business enterprises. So in general:

Yes, if you are:
A working professional with a for-profit idea in the social space.
An existing for-profit venture in the social space, which must be in existence for at least 6 months and not more than 3 years. However, if the venture is 3-5 years old, it is still eligible for participation if the participant can justify how iDiya can help them at this stage

*Please note that teams should be formed such that none of the members is currently enrolled in an educational institution pursuing a full-time program.

What about students?
We understand that ideas can come from anywhere and that Indian students are among the brightest in the world, yet iDiya was conceived as a platform for working professionals and budding social entrepreneurs. Hence, we encourage students to participate in the Global Social Venture Competition.

How to go about it?

Step 1:Form a team
Teams of minimum 2 and maximum 4 members are allowed.
Each team should contain only full-time working professionals. Students who are working part-time are not eligible to participate in this competition.
You are encouraged to form a team with members from diverse backgrounds; not necessarily your co-founders.
Team should be willing to travel to ISB, Hyderabad Campus in case of being selected as winners.

Step 2: Ideate and draft an Executive Summary
Have clarity on how your business model will achieve the social cause that you want to address.
Your model should address the key areas of Social Impact, Financial Sustainability and Scalability.
Executive Summaries must be written in English and should adhere to the formatting guidelines.
Executive Summaries should adhere to the structure and the format in the template provided in the website. Click here to download the template of the Executive Summary.
For more details on Executive Summary and other resources click here

* In case the teams are not completely prepared with the various sections of the executive summary, we highly encourage them to think on the lines of these sections and put their best entries forward.

* The questions and statements provided in each of the section in the template are points that could help the teams in creating their Executive Summaries. Teams are not expected to respond directly to the points mentioned in the template.

Step 3: Submit your idea
Register yourself on iDiya to create an account.
All participating teams need to pay an application fee of Rs.2,500/-. This fee is payable only at the time of idea submission and can be paid through the online gateway.

Selected teams will be invited to ISB, Hyderabad campus to interact with fellow ideators, connect with angel funds and participate in a boot camp designed especially for them!