Boot Camp

Mentorship Programme

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” 
― Albert Einstein

The mentoring program aims to provide a great learning atmosphere to the winning teams which would help them in successfully commercializing their business plans. The Mentoring Board consists of experts from the industry, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the ISB faculty who would engage with the winning teams during the program in two phases.

Phase I
The top 10 teams will be invited to ISB Hyderabad for a 5-day training program. The aim is to create a sustainable business model out of the business idea. The training has been designed to raise the right questions and provide the teams with the tools to address them. This training will include:
  • Critical evaluation with implementation prospective of the business idea by a team of experts
  • Workshops on creating the business plan covering modules on marketing, operation management, finance, strategy, valuation, rural marketing, microfinance, negotiation and social entrepreneurship
  • Interactive sessions with young entrepreneurs to understand implementation issues
  • Sessions by mentoring partners for guidance on financing and technology aspects of the venture
  • Revised presentations to mentoring partners and assignment of mentors for Phase II

The pedagogy consists of classroom training, case studies, presentations, meetings and informal interaction between the mentors and the top ten teams at the ISB.

Phase II
The second phase will comprise of offline mentoring along similar lines wherein the top 10 teams will be constantly supported by the mentors in their business plan refinement and execution