The event was held on March 05 at ISB and these 2 teams have been selected to go to the Global Finals at Thammasat Business School, Bangkok, on 1st and 2nd April, 2016.

Team vChalk: Offering remedial programs for English and Math

Low-cost private schools are expanding at a very fast pace but 4 in 10 children don’t have basic skills at elementary grades. vChalk delivers and monitors a remedial program for English and Maths targeted at first generation learners in India. For less than the cost of a new classroom projector, the school delivers an extra service as in-school tuition using proven-at-scale remedial methodology and tools.


Daniela Florentina Gheorghe – Co-founder: She has already worked with 4 four social enterprises in semi-urban and rural India. Originally from Romania, Daniela believes that vChalk solves one of the most urgent problems in education: the fact that children in school are not learning the basics after few years in school.

Anil Bishnoi – Co-founder is the Tech Lead behind vChalk’s technology driven operational efficiency for scale as well as the innovative mind when it comes to complex problems. Anil always explores new ways to stay at the for-front of technology and seeks to combine his expertise with his passion for change in education.

Team Astraeus: Efficient and inexpensive breath based screening test for lung cancer and other diseases

Lung cancer continues to increase in prevalence in developing countries. Our solution, the LCARDTM, detects gases unique to the breath of lung cancer patients with the aid of a smartphone. This noninvasive sensor costs less than $1 to produce and can be shipped inside an envelope.

Joseph Azzarelli – He is completing his PhD in chemistry at MIT and is the inventor of Astraeus’ core technology. He has extensive knowledge in ultra-trace chemical detection with nanotechnology.

Alexander Blair – He is finishing his MD at Harvard and has a master’s in health policy from Carnegie Mellon. He is pursuing a career in thoracic surgery with a passion for improving lung cancer care.

Graham Lieberman – He is also an MD/MBA candidate at Harvard. He is a human evolutionary biologist with a specific focus in evolutionary orthopedics and skeletal biomechanics.

Jay Kumar – He is an MD/MBA candidate at Harvard with multiple years of experience in commercializing university intellectual property, business strategy and medical device startups.