Shyam Nambiar

After being a joint director (Refits &HRD) and commander at the Naval Headquarters, it was a difficult decision for Shyam Nambiar to move back to academics after decades at work .But the apprehensiveness was soon gone once he entered the ISB campus. The spirit, fitness and talent I found at ISB were no different , he says summing up his one year as student and President of the Graduate Student Board(GSB). Read More

Spouse - Archy Singh

While our students are busy with the intense study schedules, their spouses on campuses lead a hectic life too. Student spouse, Archy Singh who walked into the campus with her 4 months daughter says, “A spouse’s life at ISB is an incredible experience. It gave many opportunities to us spouses to showcase our talents and explore our interests which allowed me to rediscover myself. I did everything that I love the most and also attended many inspiring sessions organised by the professional and social clubs at ISB”. READ MORE

Varsha Pincha

The one year at ISB has helped me to find myself, be the kind of person I want to be – if you call that transformation, so be it. I am willing and ready to step into a future that has been shaped by ISB and my Class of 2017 says Varsha Pincha sharing her pride of being at ISB. READ MORE

Nikhil Gumbhir

From a software engineer to entrepreneur to being the President of Graduate Student Board of the PGP Class of 2017, Nikhil Gumbhir’s life has been full of adventures with the ability to lead and take risks. Sharing his learnings, Nikhil Says,” Over the course of the year, I have learnt how to facilitate ways of getting diverse student opinions (in a rushed world of a 1 year MBA) as well as how to motivate people without having any formal power or authority”. READ MORE

Spouses - Gayatri and Dipintika

A year at ISB is known as 'the year of transformation'. But does this hold true only for the students enrolling for the PGP course? Certainly not! Student spouses, Gayatri and Dipintika, instantly connected on a business idea and created  'THE STITCH STORY', a private label of handbags committed to reinvent the art of crochet. Listen to their story here. READ MORE

Satya Vegi

Satya Vegi  of PGP Co2017, pens these lines on a beautiful chapter his life - ‘Thank you, ISB for unravelling my thoughts and opinions, while keeping the crazy me still alive. For helping me find a framework to my madness, to defy the odds to reassuring my purpose in life’. READ MORE

Sahil Kaul

“The year has been about what you wanted to make it and here we are, one year later, a touch wiser, smarter but a lot more spirited to take on the challenges of this world” says Sahil Kaul from PGP Co2017  recollecting his memories as he graduates. READ MORE

Vijay Verma

A CA and CFA with a work experience of 12 years, Vijay Verma walked in PGP class of 2017 with a little apprehension about the average work experience of his fellow classmates. But his apprehension vanished soon ‘We had more than 70 class mates with greater than 8 years of work experience and hence being experts in their own fields. As I look back over my ISB journey over the last one year, I feel privileged to have taken this path which has helped me learn a lot and make some long lasting friendships’. READ MORE

Amit Giri and Sonali

Talking about their Life@ISB together, Amit and Sonali PGP 2017 says  "The marvelous journey at ISB for us as a couple was a story to remember for life. Starting from the inception in the orientation week to all the celebrations of festivals to the involvement of spouses in organizing various cultural festivals, ISB has created an environment of cooperation and happiness for all the families on campus which in turn helped us to make some of the best bonds for our life”. READ MORE