Scholars of Excellence

The ISB Scholar of Excellence is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic performance throughout the year to two students in the PGP and one student in the PGPMAX programmes with the highest cumulative grade point average in their graduating class. This year onwards the ISB Scholar of the Year will also be awarded to one student in the MFAB programmes. The Deans List comprises students who make it to the top ten percentile of the Class for their academic accomplishments.

PGP Class of 2015, Scholars of Excellence

Rajat Dhanda
"PGP offers some very insightful courses delivered by a passionate group of professors. It used to be overwhelming at times to see the rich experience and knowledge these professors brought to the class. I often found myself totally immersed in courses that helped me understand real life business environment and develop managerial intuitions. In terms of knowledge, I couldn't have asked for more. I feel a lot more confident about taking up bigger roles in the organisation I work with and use the basics I learnt here to make important decisions for my firm", says Rajat Dhanda.
Gautam Chawla
"ISB PGP seemed like a journey to a dreamland filled with challenge, excitement and fun. As the year comes to an end, I’m definitely wiser, more learned and a better prepared individual who should be able to handle the challenges of the corporate world with dexterity. ISB PGP with its brilliant fusion of classroom teaching and practical business knowledge provided a unique learning experience. Interactions with world-class faculty, diverse peer group and visiting industry experts not only provided an in-depth understanding of the business issues but also opened the thought channels of my mind changing my way of thinking forever. It was truly a character enhancing experience", says Gautam Chawla.

Dean's List

(Top 10% of the batch by CGPA in alphabetical order)
  • Abhay Ramchandran
  • Abhishek Jeet Singh
  • Akriti Bhalla
  • Akshai Narain
  • Akshay Naik
  • Amol Varshney
  • Animesh Chaudhary
  • Ankit Deepak Chowdhari
  • Ankit Kumar Ladha
  • Ankita Banerjee
  • Ankush Khandelwal
  • Anshul Gaurav
  • Anuj Sukhlecha
  • Anurag Verma
  • Arun Bhambhu
  • Ayanangshu Dey
  • Bhagyashree
  • Bhargav Chavali
  • Charu Singhal
  • Debjit Mohapatra
  • Deepak Govindan
  • Deepesh Gupta
  • Digvijay Gagneja
  • Doorlabh Panjwani
  • Gautam Chawla
  • Gautham Muthukumar S
  • Gurukrishnan Sridharan
  • Jatin Gujrati
  • Kamayani Sadhwani
  • Karthik Govindaraghavan
  • Karthikeyan Ravichandran
  • Mahesh Nacharaju
  • Manasi Adya
  • Manish Kumar Agarwal
  • Neha Garg
  • Nithin Nemani
  • Nitima Malhotra
  • Pallavi Garg
  • Priyank Garg
  • Raghav Jindal
  • Rahul Rungta
  • Rajashree Sen
  • Rajat Dhanda
  • Rajat Mudgal
  • Rajshree
  • Ravi Kiran Chivukula
  • Rijul Jain
  • S Krishna Chaitanya Alamuru
  • Sahil Palta
  • Sai Goutham Reddy Vancha
  • Sai Sudha Gogineni
  • Sandeep Shrinivas Mokashi
  • Saurabh Kapoor


  • Shakun Bansal
  • Shikher Saluja
  • Shobhit Raj Mathur
  • Sirish Agarwal
  • Siva Shankar T.K.
  • Sriramkumar Sundararaman
  • Sukhwant Singh
  • Sumeet Gupta
  • Sumit Dhawan
  • Sumit Dhingra
  • Swati MitalTanzeel Ur Rahman
  • Udit Garg
  • Unnati Gupta
  • Vaibhav Agarwal
  • Vaibhav Ashokkumar Doshi
  • Vailina Tulsani
  • Vamsee Prateek Gurram
  • Vibhu Dubey
  • Vikas Balhara
  • Vikas Panjwani
  • Vineet Bhandari
  • Vineet Wason
  • Yateen Kumar Suman
  • Yuvraj Singh


PGPMAX Class of 2014 Scholar of Excellence

Srikanth Narasimhan has been awarded the Scholar of Excellence.
"If we remain committed and involve with full dedication, overcoming the hesitations and tentativeness, what may appear impossible becomes a certainty, of course the right support system is essential”, says Srikanth Narasimhan, Scholar of Excellence, PGPMAX Class of 2014.

Students in the Dean’s list, PGPMAX, Class of 2014 

  • Robin Jose
  • Kshiti Sathish Kothari
  • Mahua Mukherjee
  • Srikanth Narasimhan
  • Naveen Puttagunta
  • Gurvinder Singh

MFAB Scholar of Excellence

Navdeep Singh has been chosen as the Scholar of Excellence.
“MFAB at ISB has been a transformational experience which has completely changed the way I look at my family business now. It made me realise that the culture and values of an organisation drive its strategy, therefore its important to nurture them to bring about any change in a family business. During the programme, my Philosophy of Management was constantly being intrigued, giving me a new level of energy and passion to work, thereby making me more committed and determined to tackle any challenge that I may come across in the future”, says Navdeep Singh

Students in the Dean’s list , MFAB Class of 2014

  • Shreya Bajaj
  • Raajitha Jupally
  • Navdeep Singh
  • Shreya Siroya