9.45 AM – 10.00AMOpening Address
Raj Srivastava, Dean, Indian School of Business
10.00 AM– 11.00 AM
Paper # 1: Beyond p-values: Accounting research in a post p<0.05 era
Presenter: Sanjay Kallapur, Indian School of Business
11.00 AM– 12.00 PM
Paper # 2: The Reg SHO Reanalysis Project: Reconsidering of Fang, Huang and Karpoff (2016) on Reg SHO and Earnings Management
Presenter: Hemang Desai, Southern Methodist University
Discussant: Ankit Jain, The University of Queensland
12.00 PM – 2.00 PMLUNCH - Bajaj Dining Hall
2.00 PM– 3.00 PM
Paper # 3: Stock-based Compensation, Financial Analysts, and Equity Overvaluation
Presenter: Partha Mohanram, University of Toronto
Discussant: Srini Rangan, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
3.00 PM – 4.00 PM
Paper # 4: The discordant firm position: A product of institutional investors driven “contrarian” peer learning
Presenter: Abdul Khizer, Indian School of Business
Discussant: Partha Mohapatra, California State University - Sacramento
4.00PM – 4.30 PMBreak
4.30PM – 5.30 PM
Paper # 5: The Importance of Bank Transparency for Wholesale Creditors: Evidence from Exogenous Increases in Information Asymmetries
Presenter: Abhishek Srivastava, University of Edinburgh
Discussant: Sudhir Jaiswall, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
7.00PM onwards
DINNER – Executive Housing Mirror Pool
9.00AM– 10.00 AMPaper # 6: Earnings Uncertainty and Attention
Presenter: Badrinath Kottimukkalur, George Washington University.
Discussant: Moumita Tiwari, Indian School of Business
10.00AM– 11.00 AMPaper # 7: Measuring the usefulness of earnings announcement through the option market
Presenter: Bharat Sarath, Rutgers Business School
Discussant: Aneesh Raghunandan, London School of Economics
11.00AM – 11.30 AMBreak
11.30PM – 12.30 PMPaper # 8: Price Discovery in Good and Bad Times: An Analysis of the Annual Corporate Disclosure Cycle
Presenter: K Ramesh, Rice University
Discussant: Bhavya Singhvi, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
12.30 PM onwardsVote of thanks
Sri Sridharan, Northwestern University and ISB Accounting Area Leader
LUNCH – Bajaj Dining Hall