Programme Format

The programme is designed on a schedule that minimises disruption of work and personal pursuits. Participants will typically be on campus for a 4-day schedule of classroom learning every term, which would ideally be planned to include a weekend. The schedule will include full days of teaching and evenings will be used for guest lectures, projects and group work. Participants will be required to stay on campus during these 4 days.

Classroom Learning

Classroom learning will be delivered through four residencies. Each residency will include full-day classes, with the evenings used for co-curricular engagements. Participants will be required to stay on campus during these residencies.


The comprehensive CSRM curriculum provides a framework through which participants learn to enhance their management skills, expand their knowledge of Retail Management, and gain a strategic perspective of the real industry situations.

Pre-course reading

Pre-course reading materials in the form of text books, cases, articles, etc., will be made available to all participants in advance.

Industry Speakers

An integral part of the CSRM is interactions with industry speakers and visits to relevant organisations throughout the course. These sessions will be designed to enhance the understanding of the concepts from a practitioner’s perspective, making it easier to apply the learning immediately.


Simulations help maximise on classroom learning as the decisions that the participants have to make in these simulations replicate the kind of decisions they would encounter in their respective organisations. Simulations let participants apply management theories learnt in the classroom to a simulated business environment and evaluate the results of their decisions

Action Learning

Action learning is an important pedagogical tool that is designed to give participants a chance to practice their management theories in real-life scenarios. The programme includes an action learning project, which will be performed either individually or under the guidance of a mentor from ISB. The participants will take part in this action learning project selected either by themselves or by their organisation.